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PERTEX Roofing & Construction, LLC is your premier roofing contractor. Native Texans who are highly trained, homeowner insurance competent and capable of maximize insurance proceeds for the premiums you pay with better roofing solutions.

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A few words that describe PERTEX.


Rickey Soria

Office Manager

Rickey keeps the lines of communication open and honest with every client

Rickey keeps clients informed about services and strengthens relationships with clearity and patience. He is a native Texan who enjoys watching the Texas Rangers. A great guy with even better personality.


Edward Aguilar

Roofing Production Manager

Edward is embarking on a great roofing career and raising the bar.

Edward works with great integrity and builds strong relationships with his property owners and Insurance adjusters. A true family man, Edward is on track to break production records.


Joshua Knoff

Roofing Production Manager

Joshua brings great character and leadership skills

As a Trainee, Joshua strives to help position PERTEX for growth with a keen insight for accuracy and the ability to communicate with people at every level and a man of great character.


Altaneshya Gordon

Administrative Assistant

Altaneshya is committed to fostering excellence in keeping Pertex organized.

Overseeing progress of projects from conception to completion in a timely and cost-effective manner, while being responsible for overall organization.


Trevor Perez

Roofing Production Manager

Taking the family heritage very seriously

As a family member of the founders of PERTEX, Trevor is on course to reinforce the strong brand name and custoer expectations his family has works hard to obtain. Trevor has a passion for creating music with positive messages.


Jesus Rios


The man is good with his hands.

As a key player in making sure our customers receive the best customer services we have Mr. Rios, who is skilled at a wide range of home repairs for both interior and exterior.


Matthew Campione

Roofing Production Manager

Homegrown Texan

Matthew was born and raised in DFW. He has a wife and two girls. He puts diligence and integrity first in all his work, and treats every job as if it were his own home.


Kevin English

Roofing Production Manager

Kevin adds hustle to the team

Married, father of 1 strives to deliver exceptional customer-service. Guiding clients and neighbors alike with knowledge and expertise, to assist restoration of your most valuable asset.


Jeff Kinglsey

Roofing Production Manager

Always ready to get it going

Jeff brings years of sales experience and communications skills to our team. Jeff is a careful listener who will find the best route to accomplish the task.


Better roofing solutions for Texas.

Hail damage specialist.

PERTEX Roofing is your source for both residential and commercial roof repair and restoration in Texas.

It is our goal to return your property to pre-loss condition or better. We coach and help you navigate the claims process – PERTEX works for you, not the Insurance company.

Every year hail causes nearly $1 billion in damages to roofs. You can save hundreds of dollars by making sure you understand your coverage and taking time to check your roof before hail season.

Free roof inspection.

If you believe your roof was damaged, contact PERTEX now, before decay and leaks take over.

We will conduct a full inspection on your roof for free! (A $500 Value). We will identify all issues associated with the repair or replacing the roof on your home or building. It is our primary goal to return your property to pre-loss condition or better. Over time (months, not years), damage to the granules on your shingles and you roof directly to the elements, resulting in decay and leaks in your roof.   Request Roof Inspection

Repair, restore, replace your roof.

A high-quality roof is often the single most important investment – helping you retain the value your home.

The best roofing materials and shingle color can increase the value of your home, while low-quality materials and haphazard installations will lead to an unsafe living environment - a terrible return on your investment. PERTEX uses better roofing solutions that are client-centered customer support, so you feel confident that we will take care of your home - educating you through the entire process.  Request Roof Inspection

Residential Roofing.

The PERTEX Residential Roof program allows us to be highly proficient with all major types of residential (steep-slope) roofs.

We know how hail and strong wind interact with roofing. We also know the importance of following inspection safety techniques, accuracy in roof area calculations, and adhering to applicable codes.

We also have a comprehensive understanding of manufacture, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair costs for each major roofing type – composition, wood shingle/shake, concrete and clay tile, asbestos, fiber cement, and various synthetic, slate, and metal roofing types.

Commercial Roofing.

The PERTEX Commercial Roof program, we can assess damage to all major types of commercial (low-slope and flat) roofing systems.

We are well versed in inspection safety, roof area calculations, codes / industry standards, and weather characteristics. For each roofing type discussed, instructors profile manufacture, installation, weathering, hail damage, wind damage, maintenance, mechanical damage, and repair costs.

We roof all types of commercial roofing including built-up roofing, polymer-modified bitumen roofing, thermoplastic single-ply roofs (PVC / TPO), thermoset plastic single-ply roofs (EPDM, CSPE, PIB), SPF roofing, metal roofing, vegetated (green) roofing, low-slope roofing components, and roof coatings.

Guaranteed Results.

PERTEX will do more than repair or re-roof your home. We will educate you through the entire process from start-to-finish.

Insurance policies state that they pay for Accidental Direct Physical Loss due to a covered loss (ADPL) which means everything damaged by the high winds and hail, not just your roof. PERTEX will coach and help you navigate the claims process and maximize your insurance proceeds for the premiums you pay, complete with a 5 year limited warranty.

  • Dallas Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    Thank you so much for doing my roof on my house. My wife loves it. If my wife is happy, everything is all-good!

    Agency Owner, Agent at Chadd Kawata State Farm

    / Plano, Texas

  • Dallas Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    These guys, are the best!

    Sue L.

    / Wylie, Texas

  • Alamo Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    Recommended & truly a professional in his line of work. Contact my good friend Edward at PERTEX for roofing & construction needs!

    Fernando P.

    / Alamo, Texas

  • San Antonio Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    Thank you Edward Perez and your crew as well... PERTEX. You all did an amazing job on our house!

    Susan L.

    / San Antonio, Texas

  • Allen Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    PERTEX Roofing gave us first class service and went the extra mile in every facet of the job... a good friend making sure everything is done to your expectations.

    Bryant B.

    / Allen, Texas

  • Frisco Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    PERTEX handled everything with our insurance company which made the process go off without a hitch. Plus we ended up with a higher quality roof than we originally had!

    Kevin L.

    / Frisco, Texas

  • Dallas Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    It was nice to have someone who really understands the ins and outs of the insurance claims process while also having a deep understanding of the construction details regarding roof repair.

    Troy C.

    / Realtor / Dallas, Texas

  • Dallas Texas pertex roofing testimonial

    PERTEX Roofing Company is a professional, well-organized, multi facetted roofing company. PERTEX was on-site working with the insurance adjuster to insure that all damage was identified.

    Terry R.

    / Dallas, Texas

Roofing insight and recent PERTEX news.

Jun 28


Conical Roof Repair, Replacement, and Precautions

Taking these conical roof repair precautions allows homeowners to continue with their lifestyle indoors without any concerns of water infiltration from the outside. One undeniable element of the conical roof is many of them have a very steep slope.

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Sep 25


How Agents Retain Loyal Customers

Insurance agents are in the people business. Our goal is to help your clients return their prperty to pre-loss condition or better.

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Sep 25


Common Roof System Problem Areas

How do you know if your roof is strong enough to protect your family? it's a combination of money, materials, and craftsmanship that makes a better roof.

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Aug 25


Cost-effective Roof Restorations

Restoration is almost always more cost-effective than roof tear-off and replacement. Ask PERTEX roofing experts if a roof can be repaired or replaced.

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July 22


High Performance Roofing Shingles

Homeowners don't have to sacrifice durability and quality for stunning curb appeal when using HP Technology. This shingle truly hard to miss.

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June 12


Accurate Roof Inspection

Homeowners recover money for additional repairs. PERTEX will inspect your roof and the premises with your insurance adjuster.


May 27


Say Goodbye to Algae Streaks

Atlas Shingles with Scotchgard Protection resist algae sporse that ruin roof color with ugly streaks and stains.

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April 16


Accurate Roof Measurements

The roofing industry has come a long way since the first homebuilder's who used the materials (grass, slate, tile) they had available.

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March 19


Texas Hail & High Wind Season

Most hail storms are made up of a mix of sizes, and only the very largest hail stones pose serious risk to people caught in the open.

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March 13


Where are your smoke alarms?

There are smoke alarms for those unprotected areas of your home such as bedrooms, kid's playroom, den, or dining room.

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Hail season hits Texas every year, causing nearly $1 billion in damages to roofs. Save yourself hundreds of dollars by making sure you understand your coverage and taking time to have your roof inspected today.

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